STEAM – Teeter Totter Storytime

We had a fun S. T. And used the tape on the floor for balancing practice. Then we played with balancing the beanie babies on the white foam board. They couldn’t balance a pencil in their finger though. They loved the mouse story as well as the “just a little bit” story. Then we used the tubes and paint sticks to make our own teeter totters and balanced the spools. There were 5 children and 3 parents who also participated. I asked questions like “what will happen if we move this animal to the other side?” And ” if you add one more spool what will the teeter totter do? ” “Does it help to hold your arms out when you walk in the tape line?”

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  1. Lisa January 21, 2019 Reply

    Rita- You are a Blog Artiste – So well done!

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