It’s About People!

It’s about people: Its not just people in fictional stories; not even real people in non-fiction books; nor is it characters in graphic novels or movies. It’s about real people in our lives who matter to us! That’s how it is here in our library. We want all of you to feel at home here, feel like you belong. Face time is increasingly more valuable in this age of electronic devices, and there’s no better way to touch all aspects of our little community than to interact with our patrons in person. We hope to see you come through our doorway very soon. Friendship is intentional!

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  1. November October 31, 2018 Reply

    Would love to see your events calendar! 11-15

    • LStewart October 31, 2018 Reply

      Thank you for your comment. As events are planned and approved, we will post them on our Events Calendar. Please check back for updates.

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