A Universe of Stories

Riddle City Library Summer Events June 13th 1 PM (Thursday): Getting summer off to a WILD START, animals from WILDLIFE SAFARI will be slithering, flying, and creeping into our library to introduce themselves to you. After touching time, you may register for a Fun Summer of activities at the Riddle City Library! June 18th 1 PM (Tuesday): […]

Halting DPIL On-Line Registration

We’ve had such a great response to our Dolly Parton Imagination Library program! We hope that all 231 of the children receiving free books each month so far are really enjoying them and developing a love of learning as well as a love for books. Dolly knows just what to send each child for their […]

STEAM – Teeter Totter Storytime

We had a fun S. T. And used the tape on the floor for balancing practice. Then we played with balancing the beanie babies on the white foam board. They couldn’t balance a pencil in their finger though. They loved the mouse story as well as the “just a little bit” story. Then we used […]

Twenty-Two Months Ago…

Twenty two months ago the library community banded together to answer the challenge of re-birthing our Riddle Branch. In my opinion our library is as robust as its ever been. The Board of Directors is strong in years of experience, and it’s members along with our other volunteers, bring a variety of skill sets that […]

Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Thanks to a generous $2500 grant from Cow Creek Indian Foundation all five libraries in South Douglas County will soon be offering the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program for children from birth to age five! That means an absolutely FREE age appropriate book will be sent directly to the child’s home each month.  We highly […]

It’s About People!

It’s about people: Its not just people in fictional stories; not even real people in non-fiction books; nor is it characters in graphic novels or movies. It’s about real people in our lives who matter to us! That’s how it is here in our library. We want all of you to feel at home here, […]


Chess Game Continues

On Tuesday, July 31, teens and adults showed up to play. The chess pieces were ready. As expected, wind came up and blew the pieces over. With a little ingenuity, rocks were taped to the bottom of the pieces. Moves began in earnest. Lot of laughs could be heard. Great fun was had by all. […]

Play Chess in the Courtyard

Life Size Chess Pieces Tournament

Attention teens ages 12 – 18.  On July 31, starting at 1:30 p.m., there will be a life size chess pieces tournament in the courtyard at Riddle City Hall/Library.  With the help of volunteers, we have cut out life size chess pieces to use to play the game.  The tournament will be open to teens […]